She's Covered Head To Toe In Birthmarks, And Shows Bullies What It Means To Love Yourself

"Was born different."

Just as the tagline on her Instagram states, Ciera Dawn Swaringen "was born different."

The 19-year-old from  Rockwell, N.C., has a rare skin condition known as giant congenital melanocytic nevus and, as a result, is around 70 percent covered in birthmarks, ranging in all sizes, from head to toe.


As Swaringen has grown, her condition has spread to more parts of her body.

And though it thankfully poses no threat to her physical health, it has caused emotional suffering due to the bullying she's faced because of it.

According to a BuzzFeed article, from a young age Swaringen has faced bullies who have teased her about her skin condition. 

The publication quotes her: "One day I remember being on the school bus and hearing a young boy laugh at me and call me a spotty dog. That really knocked my confidence. I was only young and it made me feel different to the other kids, like something was wrong with me."

But instead of letting the comments get her down, Swaringen chooses to completely own the skin she's in.

She posts pictures on her Instagram and Facebook proudly showing off her birthmarks, with a smile on her face. 

She has the support of friends, family, social media followers and online communities of people who also have giant congenital melanocytic nevus. 

BuzzFeed quotes her: 

“I’m so proud to be different, and at the end of the day, we all have something about us that’s unusual, whether it’s on the inside or the outside.”

Swaringen serves as an inspiration to anyone who was born different or has experienced bullying.

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