Look At These Bizarre Trends In Plastic Surgery Around The World (NSFW)

Today, even bizarre trends like artificial dimples and iris implants are becoming popular.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2013 there were more than 11.5 million cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide. Today, hundreds of new operations have been developed, even bizarre trends like artificial dimples and iris implants, that allow us to reshape and sculpt ourselves into what we envision as the epitome of beauty. By examining how the popularity of these surgeries vary across cultures we can gain insight into the subjectivity of these fabricated beauty trends.

Brazil: The Brazilian Butt Lift


With over 1.49 million cosmetic operations in 2013 (40,000 more than the U.S.), Brazil is now the plastic surgery capital of the world. According to the O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, the increase is due to the availability of more flexible credit programs, allowing more affordable procedures. While the most common surgeries are breast augmentations and tummy tucks, Brazilians underwent more procedures for Gluteoplasty (commonly referred to as the Brazilian butt lift) than any other country. This procedure involves extracting fat from the lower back or flank area, purifying this fat, and then injecting into the buttock. As it happens, this is currently the fastest growing procedure in the world with a 400% increase since 2010.

United States: Breast Implants


In 1962, Timmie Jean Lindsey from Texas became the first women ever to receive silicone breast implants (pictured above) and it's remained a popular operation ever since. Breast augmentation has continued to be the #1 cosmetic surgery in the US for over a decade and the rate continues to climb, 210% since 1997. Last year North Americans underwent more breast augmentation surgeries than anywhere else in the world--over a quarter of a million procedures. It's estimated that more than five million American women have made the decision to increase their bust line. That's 4.93% of the county's female population, and reportedly, more than enough silicone implants to fill an olympic sized swimming pool.

Iran: Nose Jobs


Iran's obsession with physical beauty, and inevitably plastic surgery, is often attributed to the restrictive dress codes upheld by the Islamic Republic. Because the Hijab and loose fitting clothes leave so much to the imagination, the face becomes the primary way a woman can display her beauty. As a result, individuals as young as 14 seek plastic surgery in the hopes of obtaining the "doll-like" features they see on western celebrities. Every year as many as 200,000 Iranians, mostly women, under go rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, to achieve a smaller nose with a slightly upward pointing tip. With the highest rate of nose jobs in the world patients often wear their post-surgical bandages long past their recovery as an indication of their elevated social status.

South Korea: Double Eyelid Surgery


In South Korea the most commonly requested surgery is Asian Blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery, which creates a crease in the eyelid in order to achieve a more "open" look. Korea is the country with the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery in the world; one in five women in Seoul have opted to go under the knife. Counter to popular belief, these alterations may not be a product of western influences but rather beauty standards inherent to their culture. In fact, cosmetic surgery is so ingrained in contemporary Korean culture that's it's often seen as a prerequisite to relationship or job success. A person's photo often accompanies their job or university application and the position is typically awarded to the "prettier" candidate.

Other procedures favored by Korea include the "Smile Lipt", or permanent smile as well as facial contouring, i.e. having your jawbone shaved down to create a more delicate V shape. This facial reshaping, as indicated through the Tumblr Korean Plastic Surgery, does away with high cheekbones and strong jaw lines. Ironically these are attributes preferred by western beauty standards.



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