This Teacher Saved A 4-Year-Old's Life. Now Ellen And An NFL Quarterback Have A Special Message For Her.

"This may be one of the sweetest, most selfless stories you'll ever hear."

"Well we have met a lot of inspiring teachers over the years," Ellen DeGeneres begins on an episode of The Ellen Show. "This may be one of the sweetest, most selfless stories you'll ever hear."

With that, Ellen introduces Beth Battista, a teacher at Kids Express Learning Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Recently, the teacher agreed to donate her kidney to 4-year-old Lyla Carreyn, a student at her school with microscopic polyangiitis.

Lyla's mother, Dena Carreyn, wrote to The Ellen Show to show her appreciation for her daughter's donor. "How do you possibly thank someone for saving your child's life? I would love for Beth to meet one of her biggest inspirations — you," DeGeneres reads from the letter. 

On the show, Dena explains how she learned Beth would be donating her kidney.

"First of all, it was crazy, because we had people getting tested from California to Virginia [and] everywhere in between, nobody was a match," she says. "Beth wasn't even our daughter's teacher at the time when she started getting tested. And they randomly got put in the same classroom this fall. So the universe just converged to make it happen." 

After hearing her story, Ellen decides to thank Beth with a special message from NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. In a video, Rodgers thanks Beth for her "incredible act of selflessness" and invites her to Lambeau Field for a game. 

Watch it all unfold in the full video below:

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