16-Year-Old Designer Sources His Sustainable Looks From Plants, Branches, And More

Genius and stunning.

Sixteen-year-old Apichet "Madaew" Atilattana took the idea of sustainable fashion and brought it to an incredibly creative — and very green — level.

Atilattana's designs, featured on his popular Instagram account, are made from unique materials such as mosquito nets, morning glory plants, bamboo, ribbon, and branches, forming one-of-a-kind structures only he could imagine.

"Madaew believes that everyday objects have an innate beauty and is eager to show this beauty to other people," Getty Images reports


Upworthy further explains that as a "part artist, part botanist, and part engineer, Madaew designs, crafts, and models each piece himself," which probably explains the impressiveness of each piece — from its overall artistic aesthetic to its sustainable qualities.

For example, one of Madaew's designs features long plant leaves, forming a full skirt and top that appears belted at the waist. In another image, the designer sports an intricate mermaid-like gown with a moss-covered body in all its green glory.

We think Madaew's work is a testament to just how beautiful our planet can be, further proving that sustainable fashion is just another way we can embrace, not damage, such beauty.

Check out some of our favorite pieces from Madaew's work below and find more on his Instagram account here.

(H/T: Upworthy)


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