This Artist Used Instagram As A Platform For Her Performance Art

"Everything was scripted."

Sometimes, scrolling through your Instagram feed can be a huge bummer. All of those "Insta famous" women you follow seem to only post selfies in designer clothes, stay at lavish hotels, eat decadent brunches, and wear workout outfits that are absurdly flattering. How do they find the time to live such a picture perfect life and still manage their responsibilities? 

Well, for at least one Instagram user, the answer is — she doesn't. 

Artist Amalia Ulman decided Instagram would be the perfect stage for a social experiment titled Excellences & Perfections. For almost five months, Ulman acted out the part of a woman who moves to Los Angeles to become a model. 

At first, she's living the dream, posting pretty photos of her extravagant life.

That includes photos of cash, designer clothes, and Ulman herself in fancy hotels wearing overpriced lingerie.

Then, things start to take a dark turn. She splits with her boyfriend, starts doing drugs, and becomes obsessed with her body image.

Ulman even faked getting breast augmentation.

In the final stage of her experiment, she goes through recovery and returns to her family. At home, she becomes obsessed with health, positivity, and her well-being. Here, she posts inspirational quotes, tons of healthy meals, and home decor ideas.

Her followers ate it all up. 

Some of her posts racked up more than 400 likes. 

"Everything was scripted," Ulman told The Telegraph. "I spent a month researching the whole thing. There was a beginning, a climax and an end. I dyed my hair. I changed my wardrobe. I was acting: it wasn't me."

At first glance, it may seem like this is a critique of our behaviors on social media, but Ulman says she had something else in mind when it came to this project. 

"I wanted to prove that femininity is a construction, and not something biological or inherent to any woman," Ulman told The Telegraph. "The joke was admitting how much work goes into being a woman and how being a woman is not a natural thing. It's something you learn."

(H/T: Lost At E Minor

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