9 Things Your Body Does A Lot Of Without You Even Noticing

A little bit scary, actually.

1. Blinking


Scientists have shown the average person blinks up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times in a day, according to The Huffington Post

2. Breaths

An average person takes 20,000 breaths a day, though they may come for totally different reasons. 

3. "Passing gas"

It is normal to pass gas 6 to 20 times a day. Any more than that, you might want to talk to your doctor (and apologize to your friends). 

4. Saliva

Your body produces one to two liters of saliva every day.

5. Sweat

You can sweat anywhere from 1.5 to 4 gallons per day! But make sure to wear some socks, because half of a pint of that is coming from your feet. 

6. Nail growth

When you hit puberty, nail growth slows by about 50 percent. Until then, though your nails grow at about three millimeters a month. If you lose one, you'll be waiting four to six months back. Hopefully it's a fingernail you lose, though, cause they grow about three to four times faster than toenails. 

7. Blood

In one single day, the heart can pump up to 2,000 gallons of blood

8. Hair growth

Your hair grows about one half millimeter per day, which might not sound like a lot. But consider that the world's thinnest keyboard is one half millimiter a day, and now your hair sounds pretty awesome. That's about a half inch a month!

Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, and you usually aren't even thinking about it. 


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