9 Spiders Too Cute For You To Hate Them

Taking a closer look changes everything.

If you were to ask people to name their biggest fears and phobias, there's a good chance that spiders would be pretty high up on the list. 

Sure, they seem pretty creepy with their 8 legs that allow them to defy gravity while they walk on walls and ceilings, their compound eyes that allow them to see you (as well as all of your fears), some of them are extremely venomous to humans, and the fact that they liquefy and then slurp up their prey like a milkshake, but beyond that, it's hard to see what all the fuss is about.

The truth is, the traits that make spiders seem like nightmare fuel are just incredible evolutionary adaptations that have allowed them to thrive on the planet for the last 380 million years. Many people might try to get as far away from spiders as possible, but in order to truly appreciate how great these little guys are, we need to take a closer look.

Thankfully, some photographers have been sharing their macro shots of spiders on Instagram, allowing even the most ardent arachnophobe the opportunity to take a close look from a distance.

Here are 9 images of spiders that are just too darn cute to hate:


1. Tarantulas look really good in blue, as evidenced by shutter_point.

2. Having compound eyes is even better when you also have markings that look like fantastic eyebrows, like this one by a17nphotography.

3. This wolf spider from can_tuncer looks like it has sunflowers for eyes. Sunflowers, you guys.

4. Oskar87jk captured this gorgeous spider, right before snack time!

5. You can't hate liquidjigsaw.macro's crab spider for having fantastic taste in flowers.

6. Between the huge Disney-like eyes and overall fluffiness, how could anybody hate this guy snapped by kab.photography?

7. macro_by_slava's subject is slaying its close up.

8. Peacock spiders, like this one caught by michael_doe_project_maratus, are too colorful and gorgeous for words.

9. Seriously, how can you NOT love a creature with these moves?!

See? Spiders aren't really that bad after all. Don't forget to follow the photographers on Instagram to see more of their work!

Cover image: macro_by_slava


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