9 Sports You've Probably Never Heard Of But You're Going To Want To Play

Did you know any of these existed?

9. Sepaktakraw


Think volleyball, but with your feet. The game is played by trying to deliver the ball to the opposing team over a net in a way that makes it un-returnable. Players can use their legs, head and torso but not their arms or hands. Sepaktakraw is most popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Indonesia. Check out an amazing video of the action below. 

8. Slamball

Chances are, you may have SlamBall on TV at one point or another just a few years ago. The full-contact sport combines elements of basketball, gymnastics and football into a high-flying, physical and exciting game that has the capacity to go from violent to finesse in a moment's notice. 

7. Extreme ironing

How extreme can ironing be? Apparently, pretty extreme. This bizarre sport has caught on after its inception in the 1990s, and even been the feature of a TIME piece earlier this year. 

"Of all the sports in the world, this one must be one of the weirdest," a commentator says in TIME's video. We're not sure we can argue, but at least there is some room for innovation. 

6. Cyclocross

Think motocross, but lose the engines. This extreme sport is all manpower and mud, and it looks like a ton of fun. From sliding wipe outs to bunny hops and close finishes, Cyclocross takes the best elements of every racing sport but throws in some marathon-esque athletes and the natural vulnerability that comes from being on a bicycle. 

5. Angleball

Angleball is a sport used by professional athletes to train and designed by Hall of Fame football coach Rip Engle. What it lacks in the full-contact physical element, it makes up with creative passing, precision and teamwork as you try to knock your opponents target off a pole. Some sports are better seen than explained, so just check out the video below. 

4. Frisbee Golf

It was a big week for "disc golf" after Dave Feldberg, featured in the video below, hit one of the best hole in one's anyone has caught on film in frisbee golf. The sport is essentially identical to golf, except that you play with a specialized frisbee instead of golf balls and large chain baskets instead of holes. To make things even more difficult, most disc golf courses run through the woods creating countless natural obstacles. 

While these sports are fun, the top 3 are bit more physical and frightening. Click "next" to see our favorite three obscure sports. 

3. Major League Combat

While you may be thinking "fighting," Major League Combat is really all about teamwork and juggling. This obscure sport is a competition where jugglers enter an arena and use their skills to try and destroy the juggling act of their opponent. Their website reads: "This is typically accomplished by throwing one of your own clubs up high allowing enough time to use the other two clubs to attack the airborne clubs of your opponent and then catching your club and resuming a 3 club juggle." 

2. Chess boxing

What else needs to be said?

1. Bo-taoshi

You might think you are ready for Bo-taoshi, but we assure you that you're not. The purpose of the game is quite simple: Bust down your opponents pole while defending your own. The outcome of those simple rules, though, is far more amazing. Watch as two teams of 75 people violently purge the other and do their best to climb and topple a large pole, all while trying to defend their own. Bo-taoshi is most common in Japan, but we wouldn't mind if it caught on here, too. 


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