9 Restroom Signs That Will Make You Laugh Until You Pee

Some of the best we've ever seen!

"Cute" bathroom signs have probably been around since the outhouse came indoors. 

And in this batch of signs found in restrooms, you'll find sly references to everything from bathroom whoopie (could you NOT?), to people who might need a little direction when it comes to maintaining public health standards, to everything in between.


1. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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2. Okay, but someone please mop that floor.

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3. Well. Yeah.

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4. Subtlety not really their forte.

Bathroom Sign

5. File Under: Reasons To Never Leave The House

Saw this sign in a Japan bathroom stall. I scrubbed my hands raw every bathroom break for the rest of the trip.

6. These are...

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7. We're sure there's a good reason for this. Unfortunately.

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8. This might cause accidents.

Best Bathroom Signs Ever

9. Not sure a sign will help if these are already problems.

sochi bathroom signs

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