At 8 Years Old, She Became The Youngest Girl To Break A Record Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

She climbed with her whole family.

Roxy Getter may only be 8 years old, but she is already a record holder after she became the youngest girl to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa, standing at a whopping 19,341 feet with freezing temperatures at its summit.

That didn't stop the Florida native from scaling the mountain with her parents, Sarah and Bobby, and her 10-year-old brother, Ben, during a recent trip to Tanzania. 

The family prepared for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at home in Florida by climbing up stairs at different parks and stadiums. They had also previously lived in Arizona where they used to hike quite frequently. 

Both Roxy and her brother had a history of heart conditions, and they were also cleared by a cardiologist prior to the trip to Africa.

Their trek up Mount Kilimanjaro marked the first time that the family had camped overnight together.

In total, the group spent a week on the mountain. Despite the cold temperatures and difficult terrain, the family reveals that everyone, including their fellow hikers, kept their spirits up.

In a video about the climb, Roxy explained what was difficult about the ascent. "It was hard because you had to go up and down steep hills. I didn't think I would make it to the top," she said.

After six nights, the family made it to their destination.

Sarah Getter explained that it was an emotional moment for everyone when they reached their goal after days of not showering and strenuous activity in low altitudes. "When we got to the top, we just started tearing up. [The kids] were in front of us walking and we both just held hands," she said.

The temperatures were only seven degrees at the top, but it didn't stop the family's pure joy. Roxy says, "I made it up! And that was hard. I was so tired that I could barely even walk."

"We weren't sure if we could do it or not, but we all got together as a family and pushed towards it and made it to the top," her mother said. 

"From that experience, I think we’ve learned a lot of lessons, especially for the kids: Keep going, even when things get hard."

Refinery29 points out Roxy is just a year older than the youngest Mount Kilimanjaro climber ever, Keats Boyd. He ascended the mountain in 2008 at only 7 years old. However, they add that Keats and Roxy aren't technically allowed to climb to the top because the minimum age to reach the summit is10, according to the Mount Kilimanjaro website. The youngest person to ascend the mountain and adhere to the rule is 10-year-old Jordan Romero.

That being said, Roxy may set other records as she revealed that she might climb smaller mountains in the future.

Cover image via Shutterstock I SAP IBRAHIM


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