8-Year-Old Shaves Head For Her Cousin With Cancer

"I'm proud of her.”

After 3-year-old Cooper Nicklow of Pennsylvania was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in January, he lost his hair due to the intensive chemotherapy.

According to WedMD, Burkitt lymphoma is the fastest growing human tumor. It can harm the body's immunity and is rapidly fatal, but can be curable through chemotherapy. However, this procedure targets both cancer and healthy cells, which explains the hair loss.

Morgan Weyand, his 8-year-old cousin, saw that the hair loss was making Cooper uncomfortable. That's when Morgan decided to shave her entire head to make Cooper feel better and to promote cancer awareness.

"I think it's a brave thing what she wants to do and she's only 8," Cooper's mother, Joanne, wrote on Facebook. "I explained to her what cancer is and she understands. She said she wants to do it for her little cousin. I think it's the sweetest thing. I'm proud of her."

According to ABC News, Morgan's parents warned her that if she shaved her entire head, "You'll go to school and sometimes people say things." Morgan didn't care what other kids would say and bravely shaved her head to support her cousin.

On February 15, Morgan went to a local salon and had her entire head shaved.


"I think it's awesome that she did that. It's nice to see a little kid who does that," her father, Mike, told ABC News. "I couldn't tell her 'no' because it was for a good cause. She has a good heart."

Morgan's parents donated her hair to Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit that helps children with hair loss.

More importantly, Joanne Nicklow said that Morgan's brave act made Cooper feel better, which is exactly what she wanted.

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