8-Year-Old Has Epic 'Hamilton'-Themed Birthday, And We're All Jealous

"I'm not giving away my shot."

When it came time for Clarke Greene's 8th birthday, she didn't want just any old party. She wanted to take her friends to see the famed stage production of Hamilton. The New Yorker feels a connection with the story because her dad and grandma are both immigrants from the Caribbean, and the musical is about her hometown.

Clarke's parents, Hayden and Aisha, knew it wasn't possible to get those hard-to-get tickets for everyone, so Clarke came up with an alternative plan.


She decided to have a "Hamilton"-themed birthday.

Courtesy of Hayden Greene of Greene Light Photography

And the Greene's didn't miss their shot to throw an epic party. 

Hayden Greene explained to A Plus via email that the family loves to throw parties and this one was no exception. "We tend to have themes to our kids' birthday parties," he said. "My wife, Aisha, loves to plan our family celebrations, so there is always a great deal of effort."

He added that Clarke's Hamilton party was a bit different compared to her previous ones. He explained, "I think this was one of the more sophisticated parties for Clarke because of the subject matter and the fact that she's getting older. The trick for this particular party was that the parents were invited to stay as well. The decorations had to be sleek enough for their tastes additionally."

"I do, however, think that, for this party, [Clarke] was FULLY vested in the theme because it came directly from her."

Courtesy of Hayden Greene of Greene Light Photography

The party took place at the  Fraunces Tavern, a museum and restaurant in New York. And everything from the invitations to the decor to the goodie bags, had a Hamilton theme. Clarke and 27 of her friends and their parents enjoyed karaoke, dressing up in colonial costumes, and learning about the history at the museum.

Courtesy of Hayden Greene of Greene Light Photography

Hayden, a photographer and owner of Greene Light Photography, photographed the epic Hamilton-themed bash and the images are now going viral.

Courtesy of Hayden Greene of Greene Light Photography

He talked to A Plus about the impact he thinks the event will have on party-goers. "I think a lot more kids want to see the musical now!," he said. "Some of the parents may not be too happy about that though since tickets are hard to get! I know that Clarke wants to see it, and now so do both of her grandmothers!" 

He added that he hoped the kids would have a greater appreciation of New York. "The kids also had a tour of the museum attached to Fraunces Tavern, so we hoped the hands-on experience showed them how awesome the city that they live in is. Sometimes it's easy for kids to take that for granted, as well as adults, for that matter."

Courtesy of Hayden Greene of Greene Light Photography

Finally, he hopes that the party inspires creativity. "The goodie bags also had notebooks, so hopefully they're going to start writing 'like they're running out of time!'"

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