These Drawings Are So Realistic, You'll Think Your Eyes Are Playing Tricks On You

Mind completely blown.

With all of the amazingly realistic computer-generated art that is now so prevalent, it becomes easy to overlook how incredible human artistic talent can be. 

The following eight images, many of which were completed by the Italian artist Marcello Barenghi, represent some of the best photorealistic drawings on the web.


1. This knight's helmet

How?....But How?

2. This crumpled piece of paper

Photorealistic paper drawing

3. This velociraptor from Jurassic Park

Drawing Velociraptor

4. This Iron Man

View post on

5. This lightbulb

Drawing realistic lightbulb

6. This incredible crocodile

Drawing a realistic Crocrodile

7. This bag of chips

Drawing Realistic Snack Cipster

8. This can of Pepsi Light

Drawing a realistic pepsi light can

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[All images via Imgur]

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