8 Clever Beer Hacks You've Never Though Of


Fall is approaching fast, which means many of us are transitioning from enjoying summer with cold, refreshing beers to enjoying fall with slightly warmer, still-refreshing beers. That is to say, beer drinkers will drink beer regardless of the situation, time, or temperature. It's a lifestyle.

For even the most beer-experienced (beerienced, if you will) though, there's always something new to be learned about drinking the world's third-most consumed beverage (after water and tea). Whether it's clever ways to keep it cold, simple ways to mark your glass, or inventive new "kegerators," enthusiastic beer folk will probably never cease to find better ways to improve their favorite drink.

Courtesy of Serenata Flowers, here are 8 excellent beer hacks you probably haven't thought of before:

Cover image: Ralf P via Flickr

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