People Ages 5 To 75 Name The Technology That's Meant The Most To Them In Their Lifetime

Smartphones, computers, and rovers, oh my!

Throughout our lives, technology has influenced how we interact with each other and the world. Some inventions have been life-changing, and have even influenced the world, while others may have been for pure entertainment. Regardless of the intention behind each piece of technology, people develop their own connections and feelings toward it.  

Recently, Glamour magazine asked 70 people, ages 5 to 75, what new technology has been most important to them. Their answers point to various technologies that have spanned decades, giving insight into why that particular object was so influential for them. 


The video is part of Glamour's 70 People Ages 5-75 Answer series, which has also featured participants talking about their favorite songs growing up, the women they admire most, and beyond.

You can check out the most recent episode below. 


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