7 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself More Attractive

Especially No. 6.

After Reddit user Griffolion posed the question "What are some simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive?" to AskReddit and got some truly outstanding answers, we knew that sharing some of the highlights of the post would be a great way to start 2016. 

The best part is that these are all things that almost anyone can do. 

So, without further ado, here's the cream of the crop, culled from Reddit. 


1. Stand tall, walk tall.

"Put your damn shoulders back, have a confident walk, and don't stare at the ground all the time as you walk. I've always been told these things by my parents and others.. I never really noticed how stupid it looks until I saw some people walking around my college campus with their head at a 90º angle to the ground while walking." – red-bot

2. Have interests or hobbies.

Redditor Chumothy is spot-on with this: there's little more attractive than someone who is passionate about something, who pursues their own interests, and who cares deeply about something just because it makes them tick. Especially if that person is Betty White talking about vodka.

3. Men: scruffy hair or scruffy beard ... pick one.

"I've learnt that as a man I can either get away with scruffy hair or a scruffy beard, but never both," wrote Redditor Dawn_Of_The_Dave, who added, "I'm currently rocking short neat hair and a stubbly tramps beard."

This observation was further illuminated by rawbface, who wrote, "Holy crap you're right. I never put it together before, but if I'm bumming it and do my hair, I look rugged, while if I'm clean shaven but leave my hair messy I look suave. But if I'm scruffy and my hair is messy I look homeless... Nice insight."

If you're Ryan Gosling, however, you can break this rule and you certainly don't need to be reading this.

4. Dress up.

Not saying to ditch the T-shirts, just maybe put a little effort into dressing — a few buttons never hurt anyone. That said, dress for yourself, not for others. You'll feel the difference in confidence. 

As the punning Ivedefinitelyreddit puts it, "Dressing a little nicer helps a lot. I'm usually just a T-shirt and jeans kinda guy, so when I do khakis and a button up, people usually take notice. Nothing too fancy, but it seems to have an effect."

5. Don't complain.

Reddit user butwhatsmyname lays this one out perfectly

"Don't be a complainer.

I don't mean "pretend everything is fine all the time" but don't let yourself engage in — or especially start — that low-level b*tching that so quickly becomes a habit. Try and find something positive to say if you're struggling to make conversation, and if you can't then express your opinion plainly. Don't talk about being annoyed by something, talk about being disappointed. Don't be the person who is always tearing stuff down.

I cannot tell you how unattractive it is when somebody around you whines or is negative a lot, and once someone notices you're doing it, they can't un-notice. Also people will stop wanting to be open and honest about how they feel about something around you in case you're negative about it.

If all you have in common with someone is a love of putting stuff down and complaining about things then one day in the future you'll realise that the only thing left you haven't yet complained about in detail is each other and then the real unhappiness will start."

6. Drink more water.

This is legit advice offered by SUPR0, who wrote, "Drinking water is a very simple thing that makes a big difference. Staying well-hydrated makes your lips more colorful, your eyes look more awake and your skin look healthier."

7. Treat people well.

It's a simple, but really, really solid piece of advice from thomezz

Don't just treat strangers well — that's something that's easy to remember. What's not always easy is to treat the people who are close to you well. Sounds counterintuitive, but the comfort level associated with intimacy often means that the simple courtesies disappear. Don't let that happen. 


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