You Can Reduce Stress Just By Changing Up The Way You Stand. Here's How.


Let's face it — life is pretty damn stressful. From busy days at work to long "to-do" lists waiting for us at home, life's demands constantly test our limits.

But there are ways to relieve such stresses that don't involve long bubble baths or expensive massages.

In fact, just because you're not a yogi doesn't mean you can't utilize easy yoga-based exercises and poses to help reduce your stresses.

And the best part? They're quick, easy and you can do them virtually anywhere.

Just breathe.

Luckily, Happify, a science and research-based website and app that helps us lead happier (and more relaxed) lives, outlines seven different poses that are ensure to reduce stress.

So stand up, stretch out and do some peaceful breathing — it will help.


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