6 Kids Activities Perfect For A Rainy Day

When the weather won't cooperate.

Rainy weather is often perceived as a bit of a bummer and something that always sucks the happiness right out of us. That is a fair assertion to some extent — not being able to go outside without getting soaked is, at a most basic level, purely annoying, and it's an objective truth that sun and good weather literally brighten people's days. Still, having the power to make your own fun and good mood is a great skill, and an important one to develop in children by engaging them early on with fun indoor kids activities.

People have been clever about lifting spirits during the rain for a long time. Whether it's innovative uses for superhydrophobic spray, a toddler experiencing its first summer rain or weather-predicting boxes that produce their own rain, there are plenty of heartwarming ways to appreciate the wetter conditions.

So as a parent, it's important to harness the silver lining in a rainy day and be prepared to entertain your kids without the added help of going to a park, playing outdoor sports, or any number of ideal warm-weather activities.

Now for the ideas. Here are six kids activities perfect for a rainy day:


1. Indoor treasure hunt

Make one set of clues for every player, each clue leading to the next one, and of course at the end, have the treasure ready to go. Easy.

2. Make your own bubble bath

Mix together 1/2 cup liquid hand or body soap, 1 tablespoon sugar or honey, and 1 egg white. Pour that into the tub as you fill it up with water and go to town with the kids.

3. Make a recipe book

Cooking is a great activity with kids. Teach them how to make their favorite food and get messy along the way.

4. Indoor camping

Get cozy by pitching a tent inside and stuffing it with pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and the like.

5. Tea party

Who doesn't like tea on a rainy day? Brew some of the good stuff, invite the kids' stuffed animals and have yourselves a party.

6. Host a film festival

Pop some popcorn, throw on some family favorites and movie marathon with the kids.


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