5-Year-Old's Genius Shoe Tying Tutorial Is Going Insanely Viral

And it works.

When you're little, one of the biggest obstacles you face in your day-to-day life is figuring out how to tie your shoes properly. There are several different methods, but this one might just be the easiest. 

Ashley Lillard posted a video of her son, Colton, giving a tutorial on an easy way to tie your shoes. "Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!! Posting to help anyone who is struggling like we were!" she captioned the video. 

Colton, who learned the method from one of his friends, puts on a pair of red sneakers and explains "there's a new way to tie your shoes." 

"I'm five and I have a loose tooth," he tells the camera. 

Colton then proceeds to demonstrate that you can tuck the plastic ends of your laces, also called an aglet, into the lace holes at the top of the sneaker to create two stable loops. Then, cross the loops, put one loop under the other, and pull. Do this a second time and you'll have tied shoes, double knotted. 

Colton's method is so simple to do — and it works. That, and the fact that Colton's little tutorial is completely adorable, has caused the video to go viral on Facebook. The video Lillard posted to her Facebook has been viewed more than 10 million times since it was uploaded last week and has been shared more than 205,000 times. 

See it for yourself in the video below: 



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