5-Year-Old Geography Expert Surprises Ellen, And The Rest Of Us, With His Incredible Memory

Touché, Nate.

At just 5 years old, Nate, a preschool student, can name just about every place on a map. But that's not all: he can match a country to its flag in seconds.

Now, Nate's showing off his skills on an episode of The Ellen Show with the host Ellen DeGeneres. He begins by showing off his own drawing of the world, which features all of his own witty characters.

Afterward, DeGeneres flips through a stack of flag photos as Nate quickly names the corresponding country. This includes Canada, Japan, Denmark, Chad, Kazakhstan, and beyond. DeGeneres then holds up drawings of random countries, which Nate instantly identifies. 

When asked what his favorite U.S. state is, Nate replies, "Missouri." 

When asked why, he says, "'Cause it starts with an 'M.'"

Simple enough. Check it out in full below:

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