Creative 5-Year-Old Designs Her Very Own Pink Dress For Her Pre-K Graduation

"I’m so proud of her levels of EXTRA."

A preschool graduation may not seem like a big deal to adults who have had several other graduations in their lifetime, but it was this little girl's very first one. She decided to make the occasion even more special by designing her very own dress for it. 

And let us tell you, the 5-year-old's one-of-a-kind dress is definitely a showstopper. She came up with a mermaid silhouette that was bright pink with tulle and sequins. She completed her look with white gloves, a white headband, and a white feathered sash. 

We're glad to see that her loved ones are fostering her creativity while she's young, even if it took a bit more work. Her cousin, Ash Leon, recently shared some photos of the 5-year-old in her sparkly pink dress and huge smile on Twitter, where they went viral. 

"My 5-year-old cousin insisted on designing her own dress for her pre-k graduation. I'm so proud of her levels of EXTRA," she wrote. 


The tweet has since been shared more then 4,700 times and liked over 14,000 times. People were impressed with the little girl's design and thought she looked absolutely beautiful in it.

We hope she continues to design clothes and finds other creative outlets that interest her — and maybe inspire others to do the same.

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