5 Life Hacks Using Your Coffee Mug You Never Would Have Thought Of

Get caffeinated and then some.


Coffee, for many of us, is something of a life blood substance. It wakes us up, gets us through the day, and gives us something to go out for, experiment with and share with others. It's the best.

What about the mug you so often use to drink said coffee, though? You're probably too focused on what it's holding to notice how else it can drastically improve your life. So pause for a second.

This is life hacks: coffee mug edition.

1. Knife sharpener

Flip the mug over and rub the blade in circular motions against the edge. Do this on both sides of the knife and you'll be chopping veggies much smoother than before.

2. Microwave platform

When heating up leftovers, do two plates at once by elevating one above the other using the mug.

3. Phone speaker amplifier

This one seems dumb, but it's actually crazy how much louder it'll make your phone's speakers sound. Drop the phone in speakers down and see for yourself.

4. Microave egg poacher

Crack an egg into the coffee mug with some water, then microwave it for two minutes. A quick and easy poached egg comes out ready to eat.

5. Brownies

Craving a brownie but don't want to make a whole pan? Just whisk a much smaller ratio of normal ingredients into the coffee mug, microwave for 75 seconds, and you've got a small brownie snack. Check out the video at the top of the article starting at 1:52 for specific instructions.

Cover image: bobbytv on Rumble


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