10 Things You Can Make With 3D Printers That You Didn't Know But Should

The future is in your hands.

With 3D printers, people can create awesome solid objects at home. While there are cool-looking items such as castles that can be created, there are also practical everyday things that you use that can be made with a 3D printer. And as the 3D printing market expands, people are ready to reap the benefits of this amazing technology.

Here are 10 surprising and useful things that you can get from a 3D printer that will change your life:


1. Food.

The world's best chefs might have to compete with 3D printers. A sample menu of delicious food that has already been created from 3D printers includes pizza, chocolate and burgers. Eventually, 3D printers could be a must-have kitchen appliance.

2. A house.

If you've ever wanted to build your own home, then a 3D printer might be a great option. 3D-printed houses were already constructed in China, including a five-story building that cost $161,000 to create. The ultimate goal, researchers say, is to build an entire house in just one day.

3. Cellphones.

While it may not be an iPhone or an android, there are cellphones made from 3D printers. PrintFone allows customers to create a customizable mobile device online that is made through a 3D printer through the company or at home. What's really cool is that they are affordable and still stylish.

4. Car parts.

When you need a new car part, going through a mechanic can be a hassle. It turns out that 3D printers can design car parts. In 2009, Jay Leno used a 3D printer to create car parts for his vintage automobiles. And now automakers around the world are investing in 3D-printing technology to create parts for their latest cars.

5. Guns.

It is widely known that 3D printers can produce guns. Consumers can create a gun with a 3D printer for as low as $25. There are some security concerns, but the technology for this market continues to expand.

6. Condoms.

It seems that scientists have developed skin-like condoms made out of hydrogels that are tough, safe and feel great. This means that safe sex is only a click away via a printer.

7. A television set.

Yes, someone did design a TV with a 3D printer. But it's not a smart TV, or a flat-screen TV, or even a regular-size TV. It is a miniature size with a design of a 1950s TV. Someday, the technology should expand to include modern and normal-size TVs.

8. Clothes.

Ordering clothes online is so yesterday. The days of printing clothes at home are upon us. A fashion student recently created an entire clothing line through a printer, which means that the possibilities are endless.

9. Medicine.

The days of receiving medicine through a pharmacy might be over. In 2012, researchers began to study the possibilities of printing a prescription drug in your home. Recently, the FDA approved of a drug created by a 3D printer, which means that we are closer to the day when people can print lifesaving medicine at home.

10. Body parts.

3D printers also have another important medical use: human body parts. The technology to create parts, such as skin and ears, is available. Doctors at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis are using the technology to build models of hearts for sick children. 3D printers could play the biggest role in the medical community over the next few years.

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