3 things that will cure your fear of long flights

Now I travel with these must-have items to alleviate airborne agony and fight back against Apathy Airlines.

If you"re a business traveler or fly alone on a regular basis, you know that there"s very little to do once you"re sitting in a flying metal tube 35,000 feet above land and sea. If you"re in first or business class, at least you"ve paid for a certain degree of comfort, a few hours of mind-numbing entertainment or enough space to get some work done. If you"re flying coach or economy, the most you can hope for is enough space to take a full breath, the all-too-rare luxury of an empty seat next to you, and your suitcase showing up in one piece at baggage claim when you land. Chances are, though, you"re going to end up in a six-hour sleepless nightmare with someone"s elbow in your ribs as you stare at the seat back that"s close enough to chew on. Bon voyage, good luck, and thank you for flying with We-Don"t-Carelines.

Here are my three ABSOLUTES: tools I use to reclaim my humanity 30,000 feet in the air.


, $26.95

This is a much better alternative to the ubiquitous neck pillow. This inflates and deflates easily and slips right into your carry on. Best of all, it"s extremely comfortable, even if you"re in an aisle seat. It's the ultra-portable equivalent of a body pillow and it won't invade the space around you.


, $26.95

An eye mask will help you sleep by blocking out any light. Look for a mask that doesn"t allow any light to leak in, particularly around the nose, and that has adjustable straps. Masks featuring padded cups that fit around the eye might be of interest to women who don"t care to reapply mascara.


, $269.00

Noise canceling headphones are an absolute must-have to shut out the blast of jet engines and the shrieks of unhappy children.

Travel light and travel smart: the world is still wide, even if your seat isn"t.

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