28 College Experiences That Are Far Too Real To Handle

Reading this is a great way to procrastinate.

There are some college experiences that are universal. They're not necessarily movie-scale parties, drunken debacles, dramatic romances, or life-changing friendships. Don't get us wrong, those things are all ever-present, but they aren't necessarily the things that define our everyday experiences in school.

The experiences that stick out are often the much smaller ones that you sometimes feel like only happen to you; the especially awkward moments or random thoughts that arrive at the strangest times.

In a list culled from the Whisper app, an anonymous online platform where people can post their confessions, we've gathered 28 things people have said defined their college experience.  

We know you'll enjoy them, and we hope that you'll add some of your own.

1. Everyone's seen that guy.

2. So many people can relate to this.

3. Especially when you're running late for a final.

4. Except the gym is cleaner and doesn't reek of despair.

5. And if you're lucky, you'll retain that ability in the workforce.

6. #Truth

7. Hey, as long as you're appreciative.

8. Only if they're on a tenure track.

9. This. So much.

10. But when you graduate, people will actually pay you for the same thing.

11. Just stick your head out the window.

At midnight on the Sunday before the last week of finals each semester, Columbia University students participate in "Primal Scream," where they scream as loudly as possible. 

12. Refreshing Facebook ≠ Studying.

13. After they show up 14 minutes late.

14. Pretty much.

15. You'd have to skip the extra guac, though.

16. A universal standard would be nice, amirite?

17. This really will prepare you for so many other things in life.

18. Buzzwhat? Never heard of it.

19. ... and then you fail at sitting down quietly.

20. Every fall semester.

21. This is actually so true.

22. How DO things deteriorate so quickly? Oh yeah, TAs.

23. To teach you to do things you don't want to do, duh.

24. Yep, but who ever folded laundry in college?

25. Grades really are like a house of cards, aren't they?

26. A physics major probably came up with this.

27. Pressure equals product.

28. And that's how I passed stats.

Many thanks to our friends at Whisper.


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