27 Times 'The Simpsons' Made References To Iconic Moments In Cinema

See them side by side.

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989 and by the time the current season wraps will have nearly 600 episodes an 27 seasons under its belt.

Though the fate and the quality of the show were briefly thrown into turmoil recently, things continue to proceed as normal for our favorite animated yellow family and will likely do so for at least a few more years.

Given The Simpsons' place in both pop and artistic culture, it's no surprise that it has taken screen time over the years to pay tribute to some of the great moments in cinema, and thanks to a new video, the timing couldn't be more perfect to coincide with the Oscars.

In a clip edited by Celia Gómez and conceived of by Jesús Sahuquillo titled "The Simpsons movie references," 27 flicks from Citizen Kane to Spider-Man are spoofed, parodied, and otherwise honored by the creators of the hit show, who found a way to somehow work replicas of the famous scenes into the adventures of Springfield's finest.

The comparisons also appear side by side, so viewers can see loyal the animators were to the source material.

For fans of the show who aren't necessarily film buffs, the compilation will make the show more understandable — and the jokes that much funnier.

Check out the video below, but be warned that some parts are NSFW:

How many of these references were you familiar with before seeing this clip? Let us know in the comments!

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)


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