25 Things All Parents Should Teach Their Sons

Because these are lessons that often go unnoticed.

1. You don't have to hold a door open because she's a woman, hold it open because that's the nice thing to do.


2. Chew with your mouth closed.

3. Please pee with the seat up so that she doesn't fall in the toilet by accident.

4. Do your own laundry.

5. No means no, even if it's slurred, and even if you thought she seemed interested a minute ago.

6. You're not less of a man if she doesn't take your last name.

7. Or if you ask for help when you're sad. 

8. Buying her a drink doesn't mean she has to go on a date with you.

9. Learn to pack your lunch.

10. It's okay to cry.

11. You don't have to like sports.

12. But if you do, never assume you know more than her just because you're a guy.

13. How you treat your future daughter will dictate the woman she grows up to be.

14. How you treat your mother says a lot about you, too.

15. Say "I'm sorry."

16. Emotional and physical abuse happens to men, too.

17. It's okay to care deeply about something or someone.

18. Go to the doctor's.

19. You don't have to be your future child's sole disciplinarian because you're the guy.

20. Nor should you be the BFF all the time either.

21. You won't end up like your dad or mom if you don't want to. 

22. Scratching your privates in public is never attractive.

23. Neither is taking up all the room in public seating areas. See: Manspreading (n.)

24. Love is just as impactful as bravery.

25. Being open about your feelings is the best thing you could possibly do.

What are some lessons you'd add to the list?

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