25 Signs You Found The Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With


Whenever someone in a movie or on TV wonders if their love interest is the one, the answer almost always boils down to "you'll know when you know." But the truth is, unless you have a fortune teller on call, there really is no way to know — and it's not that simple.

In real life, knowing someone is right for you extends much deeper than the butterflies in your stomach. It's both loving who that person is as a human being, and knowing they make you a better person, too.

Of course, this is no magic formula, but I can attest that someone with more than half of these qualities is not only a keeper, but more importanly, just a flat out amazing person. After all, shouldn't they be one in the same?


1. They surprise you for no other reason than to see a smile on your face

2. They listen to you, really listen, when you talk

3. You miss them when they're gone

4. But you also can still live your life when they're away, too

5. You can see a future with them

6. You genuinely want them in your life

7. You love them as not just a lover, but as a person

8. If you just met at a bar, you know you'd think they were awesome

9. You have similar interests and goals

10. Still, they teach you new things

11. They want the best for you

12. And they always lift you up

13. They're okay with helping you when you need a favor

14. They compliment you without being prompted

15. They get along with your family

16. They follow through on their promises

17. Your friends like them

18. Their little quirks only bother you for a little bit, but you know it doesn't make or break them

19. They never make rude, mean or hurtful comments

20. They never talk negatively about your appearance

21. When you both fight, you fight fair (no name-calling)

22. They can make you smile just by looking at them

23. Or turned on

24. They can make a bad day good just knowing you'll get to talk to them about it

25. They will be honest with you, and will appreciate you doing the same 

BONUS: If you're thinking of a peson after this, it's a good sign.

Images courtesy of We Heart It.


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