25 People Who Are So, Totally Busted.

This is why honesty is the best policy

Let's face it: nobody is well-behaved all the time. The extent of our dastardly deeds varies from person to person, but everybody fibs and bends the rules sometimes.

Of course, telling a lie or going behind someone's back to do something you know is wrong is always a gamble. There's a chance it'll blow up in your face. In the digital age, your dirty little secrets won't stay secret for long.

Kick back and relax with these 25 examples of pure schadenfreude as people get busted being naughty:


1. Serves her right, and kudos to this guy for making a secret guys-only communication zone!

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2. Does anyone actually ever read those things? Really?

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3. Be mindful of cameras.

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4. Don't assume your friends don't know how Imgur and Reddit work. They know.

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5. Everyone complains about parts of their job, but try to do so with a little discretion.

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6. So bad. SO BAD.

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7. Hey, it is a pretty catchy tune.


8. Yeah, none of that is going to be there by the time he finds it.

note from wife to cheating husband

9. Well, that's not good.

10. Aww, come on, film crew!


11. He probably didn't get the one night with that sexy lady, either.

Busted!...Read the top comment - then read the 5th reply

12. Hold on... gagging...

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13. Rules are rules!

a friend got busted for parking in a reserved spot

14. Creepers never prosper.


15. Easy on those 'yo mama' jokes!


16. Teachers know all the tricks.


17. Actions have consequences.


18. Don't be so quick to brag about how intelligent you are.

19. Maybe use a calendar to track the days you've lied about?

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20. There are no words.


21. Failing on an international level.

Busted Dad

22. C'mon, you have to go back to page 2 or 3 at least!

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23. Effortless selfie that looks like that? Yeah right.

got caught

24. This isn't what the 'fast lane to success' is all about.

25. This is probably the absolute worst way this could have been handled.


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