These 25 People Went To Extreme Lengths To Take Incredibly Dangerous Selfies

These take extreme selfies to the next level.

As far as selfies go, social media is pretty much saturated with them. If someone wants to get noticed these days, snapping a picture in the bathroom mirror or just after hitting up the gym isn't going to be enough. Which is why some people are willing to go to some pretty extreme to draw attention.

YouTuber Keepin It Karl has made a video of the top 25 most dangerous selfies ever taken.

Let's break it down and see what we have...


25. The Moscow State University tower looks gorgeous from this angle!

24. Even if she were at a red light, we can't overlook how dangerous it is not to have that kid buckled correctly!

23. Top of Mt. Everest.

22. Crazy Camel.

21. Gun safety ignored selfie.

20. Dust Devil selfie. (This actually is from a promo for "Into The Storm".)

19. Airplane cabin fills with smoke and he's cool as a cucumber.

18. While we wish we could believe he was seconds away from becoming chum, this is the work of Photoshop. Happily, he and the shark are A-OK.

17. You survive a plane crash and the first thing you do is take a selfie? Excellent priorities!

16. Space selfie.

15. He needs to take two steps to his left.

14. It's a good thing he's on top of the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio, because he needs all the divine help he can get.

13. Just posing with a wild bear, no big deal.

12. Watch your step! That is a whole lotta lava.

11. Hopefully she turned so she didn't belly flop.

10. Just a man and his polar bear. Wait, what?

9. Boy, that ground is really far away, isn't it?

8. Unless you are Kevin Richardson and work with lions for a living, maybe don't try this one.

7. Sadly, this one is about as fake as they come.

6. Who wouldn't want to climb to the top of the largest residential building in Dubai for a selfie?

5. This one is most likely real, which is good, because this is the most adorable shark photobomb ever.

4. He tried to take a video in front of a train, but instead he got the conductor's boot to the jaw for standing too close!

3. Nope. Nope. Nope.

2. You almost have to root for the bull in this one.

1. Unless you are Daenerys Targaryen, you should not set yourself on fire.

Learn more about these extreme selfies here:

[All images via: YouTube/Keepin It Karl]


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