24-Year-Old Scottish Guy Works 2 Jobs — But He Still Found Time To Do This For The Homeless

"They want the same as everyone else, to live a life of happiness."

Millennials get a bad rap in the media. The number of articles dedicated to tearing down, unraveling and analyzing a whole generation would be ridiculous if not for the media's power to influence opinion. But despite charges that millennials are entitled, selfish, greedy, et cetera, if you take the time to wade through the noise, it turns out that many young individuals are defying the media's expectations.

One such millennial is 24-year-old Robert Aitken, who is doing his part to help feed the homeless on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. What distinguishes Aitken from the pack is that he allegedly works two jobs (at EE and McDonald's) for more than 60 hours a week, and is using that income to buy food to feed the homeless. 

Aitken himself wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about his experience: 

Going into McDonald's and spending £70 of my own cash in order to see these HUMAN BEINGS fight on one more day, I met so many amazing people with so many amazing, humorous and some horrible stories about these people. You live lives of luxury compared to these humans that face a day to day challenge to stay alive. 3 hours I have been out and I am freezing, I cannot imagine how they last the cold nights out there... My only ask of this post is to simply look differently at homeless people. They are human beings. [They] have got feelings. They want the same as everyone else, to live a life of happiness.

The 24-year-old has also set up a fundraising page to raise money to help provide food and sleeping bags to Edinburgh's homeless. 

At the time of writing, Aitken's post has been shared more than 300 times.

His good deed was also highlighted in another Facebook post by one Mat Bryan, who called for people to support Aitken.

A Plus has reached out to Aitken for comment.


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