22 Unreal Abandoned Places That Are A Footprint Of What Once Was

You'll want to visit, but if you do, don't touch anything.

For all the beautiful places in the world that are swarmed with people — and there are many — it's another kind of beauty altogether to visit one that's been untouched for a very long time.

Whether abandoned for safety reasons, practical reasons or no reasons at all, these locations are hauntingly beautiful in that their emptiness is a footprint of what once was.

Check them out, but don't touch.


1. Tree growing through a piano

2. Overgrown palace, Poland

3. Jet Star rollercoaster, Seaside Heights, New Jersey

4. Shipwrecks, Bermuda Triangle

5. Floating forest, Sydney, Australia

6. Movie theater, Detroit, Michigan

7. Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California

8. Victorian-style treehouse, Florida

9. Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France

10. Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

11. Island home, Finland

12. Christopher McCandless’ magic bus, Stampede Trail, Alaska

13. Turquoise Canal, Venice, Italy

14. Staircase to nowhere, Pismo Beach, California

15. Abandoned mining track, Taiwan

16. Abandoned jetty

17. Boathouse, Obersee Lake, Germany

18. Methodist church, Gary, Indiana

19. Church steeple peeking out of a frozen lake, Reschen, Italy

20. Glenwood power station, New York

21. Car graveyard, Ardennes, Belgium

22. Driverless bumper cars, Chernobyl, Ukraine


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