21 Animals With A Talent For Getting In The Way

Well played.

Fact No. 1: Everyone loves a good photobomb. Well, except maybe for the people getting bombed, but who cares about them, really?

Fact No. 2: Everyone loves animals doing funny things. The Internet basically runs on cat videos in 2015.

With these two facts in mind, it should follow that photobombing animals are without a doubt one of the most inherently likable phenomena in existence, right? Take a look at these and decide for yourself.


1. Pigeon with a view.

2. Cool helicopter?

3. "What are you pointing that thing at?"

4. Fish head.

5. "Hey, what's up you guys?"

6. Smile.

7. "LOL."

8. "Glen, it's been so long! How ARE you?"

9. "Go on, say it. I dare you. I'm the elephant in the room. But we're outside, jackass."

10. So romantic.

11. Slurp.

12. "Penguins, am I right?"

13. Cat's closeup gets ruined.

14. Just swimming along.

15. "Why are you upside down?"

16. "This picture is supposed to be of me, right?"

17. Mega dog.

18. Casual jump.

19. Behind the scenes gorilla.

20. "Don't mind me."

21. Who's photobombing who?

(H/T: Bored Panda)

Cover image: Imgur


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