It Took Them 5 Months And A Massive Amount Of Paint, But These Street Artists Changed Lives Of Almost 500 Families


The past has shown that a little paint, and a little color, can change communities.

In February, New Yorkers revitalized the Brownsville, Brooklyn community with a series of hand-painted murals in an effort to promote self-expression and a positive future. 

Moreover, German artist "1010" decorates otherwise bland buildings with stunning murals that look like they could transport you into another dimension.


And now, in an effort to transform a community in Mexico, artists known as "Germen Crew" have painted over 200 houses in a sea of mesmerizing rainbow color.

In addition to spreading beauty from bottom to top, BoredPanda reports: "According to streetartnews, the impact has been extremely positive: 452 families, or 1808 people, were affected by this project, resulting in violence amongst youths being entirely eradicated."

And in an interview translated and paraphrased from "The City Loves You," Luis Enrique Gómez Guzmán, a "Germen Crew" spokesperson, explains that the mission was to create a mural on an irregular surface, spanning 20,000 square meters, on houses in a place that's gradually built based on the popular materials, economy, and architecture.

Moreover, Guzmán says that this project was one of their biggest challenges; to create a language that homogeneously blends together community, architecture, history, and art by experimenting with alternate ways of relating to the public.

Before the color...

And after...

For more, watch the video below:

(H/T: BoredPanda)


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