20 Reasons Being Low Maintenance Is Absolutely The Best

Easy peasy.

There are some guys and gals out there who are high maintenance. They spend a lot of time on their hair and clothes, and are really particular about many aspects of their lives. And you know what? That's totally cool... for them.

But that's not everyone.

There's also an entirely different group of people who are more comfortable just taking it easy and going with the flow. Being low maintenance is totally awesome, and here are the top 20 reasons why:


1. We can go from pajamas to ready to go out in less than 15 minutes.

2. We don't have the energy for fake personalities. What you see is what you get.

3. Barring any severe allergies, we're not that picky about food and are up for eating almost anywhere.

4. We don't care to get mixed up in petty confrontation.

5. We don't care what your apartment looks like, as long as there's a comfy place to sit.

6. We're cool with plans changing at the last minute, even if they get canceled altogether.

7. Choosing an outfit isn't that hard of a decision, because we don't have that many clothes.

8. When it comes to shoes, the more practical, the better.

9. We're probably never going to overpack and have to pay more for a checked bag at the airport.

10. We know how to rock the hell out of a t-shirt.

11. If we bother to have our nails done, we do it ourselves and keep it simple.

12. If we wear makeup at all, we usually have one look to be used for every occasion.

13. A nice, cold beer beats a frilly cocktail every day of the week and twice on Mondays.

14. Ponytails = life

15. We don't know what the hell "glamping" is, but we're pretty content to just camp in an actual tent.

16. Everything about going to clubs seems really, really awful.

17. Being frilly and fancy all the time is really overrated.

18. Hairdressers always compliment our hair for not being overly-processed... because even blow drying is just too effort most of the time.

19. We'd rather get a practical gift than something fancy we don't really need.

20. We're perfectly comfortable being ourselves. No apologies.

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