20 Hilarious Freeze-Frames From 'The Simpsons' That Warp The Famous Characters' Faces

The funny in between the funny.

The Simpsons has been on air for 26 years, long enough for just about every scenario imaginable to take place — except Homer and Marge legally separating, which apparently is queued up for season 27. As the animation has gotten smoother and smoother over the years, though, it's become very easy to forget the painstaking work that goes into drawing each frame.

Thanks to The Best Simpsons Faces, a fun interest page on Facebook, we can appreciate that grind by witnessing some of the most hilarious frozen moments that animators drew.

Get ready for the weird, the funny and the grotesque in Simpsons faces:


1. Turn off the light, Marge.

2. That face when you're about to eat mystery meat.

3. Rod, Todd, genuine fear.


5. Poor Lenny.

6. You cool, Bart? You good?

7. Just see how it feels in the morning.

8. www.botox.com

9. Well, enjoy your upcoming nightmare.

10. Daffy?

11. When you've had seven drinks too many.

12. Crazier: Homer's expression or Lenny's non-expression?

13. Call in sick next time.

14. Why so serious?

15. Sometimes your eyes take a second to catch up.

16. The rare happy Krusty.

17. Nope, you look totally fine.

18. How long did you say this would last again?

19. Lol.

20. What heartburn really feels like.

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