There's A Really Simple Reason Why You See Faces In These Objects

Cannot unsee.

Have you ever wondered why electrical outlets look like little surprised faces or people see the Virgin Mary in toast? The reason why we think we see faces in objects is due to a neurological condition known as pareidolia. Essentially, when we see things that are in the basic pattern of a human face (anything that could be construed as two eyes on top and a mouth below) our brain takes a shortcut and perceives it as a face. The theory is that this ability came about so our ancestors could recognize other faces when visibility was low.

The fun part about this incredible evolutionary adaptation is that it allows us to look at inanimate objects and anthropomorphize them based on their function.

Try it with these 20 images. It's a good time:


1. This mop is totally sick of you spilling things. Be more careful next time.

2. Your car is terrified that you'll forget your sunglasses. Don't do it!

3. This is basically what all lighthouses are saying at all times.

4. You kind of expect it to offer you a hard candy.

5. They get shipped all over the world, but does anyone even tell them the itinerary?

6. Because who doesn't want this face staring at you in the bathroom?

7. This is what your alarm clock looks like after you yell at it and hit it every morning. Choose your words wisely.

8. The hills have eyes... and so do the rooftops.

9. This sock is definitely coming for your sole. (Dad joke alert)

10. This church looks like its mom just walked in.

11. This housing development cannot even believe it.

12. This was definitely the wrong onion to cut open.

13. This faucet has seen some things and has stories you wouldn't believe.

14. This is basically the Joker of breakfast choices. "Why so serious?"

15. Eat this noodle if you dare, but it does look like it may bite back.

16. The happiest chair you'll see anywhere.

17. You'd make this face too if you just got cut in half.

18. Stop leaving your bag on the bus. It doesn't like it.

19. He can't even chair right now.

20. This piece of broccoli does NOT want to be eaten.

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