2-Year-Old Adorably Belts 'Jolene' Without Knowing Her Parents Are Filming

The video even got Dolly Parton's attention.

One 2-year-old's begging us not to take her man — and she's singing it loud and clear.

Recently, Kathie Lee and Hoda shared a viral video of a toddler belting out Dolly Parton's hit "Jolene," and there's no denying that it's absolutely adorable.

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! Please don't take my man," the girl says over and over, seemingly unaware of the camera.

The video has since caught the attention of Parton herself, who posted the video on Facebook with the caption: "It warms my heart to see how music reaches even the littlest country music fans! Maybe we'll see this little one on the Grand Ole Opry stage some day!"

Whether this little girl ends up on the stage or not, we're sure this moment is one she and her family will remember forever. 


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