Watch What Beauty Trends Looked Like In The 1980s Around The World

Which country had your favorite look?

The first 100 Years of Beauty episode of 2017 is here, and Cut Video tried to do something a little different for the New Year. 

In the past, the series has focused on a particular beauty trend in a culture, and has taken viewers decade-by-decade over the course of a century to show them how that trend has changed. We've seen how beauty has evolved in countries such as Syria, Japan, and Argentina. We've gotten history lessons on Hawaii, learned more about Navajo women, and gained a new perspective on Haiti, the second oldest democracy in the Western hemisphere. 

This time around, the Cut Video team decided to focus on a single decade instead of a particular culture. They took us through the hairspray, bright eyeshadow, and statement jewelry of the 1980s by creating a composite of all the cultures around the world that they've covered so far in previous videos. 

"Wherever you are in the world, I think you could say that all of these different looks are different reactions or responses to this emerging political and economic regime that we see take hold in the '80s," Christopher Chan, visual anthropologist at Cut Video, said in a video about the looks. "This is also a period where our keywords just for living in daily life are to be competitive, to be loud, to be exuberant. That's the ethos that motivates or animates some of our styling choices that we made in the '80s." 


Check them out in the video below:

To learn more about the concepts behind the looks and to learn more about each of the cultures depicted, watch the video below:


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