17 Fun Things You Need To Do On The Internet Right Now

All work and no play...

Looking for something fun to do online?


Look no further than this exhaustive list of activities worthy of your time.

1. Make your own person

Monoface is a wonderful website that lets you play God by making actual faces. You click on the head, nose, eyes, and mouth to select different combinations of features. There are 759,375 possible face. Give it a try. And don't forget to name your new friend.

2. Read hilarious Amazon reviews

Like this one.

3. Practice reciting the alphabet backward

Here are some helpful tips.

4. Find out if you're a psychopath (yes, this is real)

Take the official psychopath test here.

5. Egosurf (aka Google yourself...again)


6. Make a needlessly profane koala bear meme

Unleash your inner meme at Meme Generator.

7. Make trippy symmetrical drawings with your mouse on Silk.

Go to Silk to let the artist in you run wild.

8. Watch Nicolas Cage Lose his S*%t

I never tire of watching this.

9. Find out your emotional intelligent (EQ)

You can test out how emotionally smart you are here

10. Watch as these celebrities turn ugly in this crazy illusion

11. Play Simon online

Go this website to play an online version of the classic game.

12. Try to solve this riddle

You have two containers. One holds 5 cups and the other holds 3 cups. How do you measure out four cups using only those two containers?

13. Then give your brain a rest with this.

14. Learn how to tie your shoelaces in 1 second

15. Test your vision

Go to Essilor.com to test your eyes.

16. Try to wrap your mind around this

17. Research your family history

Get a free family history and geneology at Family Search. Who knows, maybe you're royalty?

Check out our list of ways of good things to do on the internet to make a difference.


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