The 17 Coolest Yachts You've Ever Seen And Wish You Had

It's "aboat" time.

Close your eyes and think of everything you know about yachts: the luxury, the leisure and the fun. It turns out all of those glorious things are true. And even if you might never get your own yacht, it's still nice to dream big and imagine the glorious lifestyle of having a yacht.

Here are 17 of the most awesome yachts on the seas that are almost unbelievable to imagine:

1. How many houses can fit on this yacht?

My yacht is bigger than your street (drone footage)

2. This is like a fantasy come true.

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3. This yacht is a work of art.

A picture of a 5 floor high yacht in Dubai.

4. This yacht is like a mansion at sea.

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5. It's like a dream vacation ship.

So this is a Russian super yacht that comes to Bergen Norway each summer.

6. It's the yacht of every sci-fi fantasy.

Xhibitionist yacht by Gray Design
Xhibitionist yacht by Gray Design

7. This is too cool to be real.

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8. This yacht needs its own zip code.

World's largest private yacht - makes you think

9. This yacht is an island.

A yacht island

10. Two is always better than one.

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Image courtesy of Zaha Hadid.

11. Too big for this picture.

I work next to the world's largest yacht.

12. An entire city on a yacht.

What the £244 Million yacht "Streets of Monaco", which is in development, will look like this when finished.

13. A yacht for other yachts.

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14. Imagine if you were on this one.

Motor Yacht Silver at Rottnest Island, Western Australia

15. The best sail ever.

The Beautiful J-Class Yacht

16. Even James Bond would love to drive this one.

Dartline 60' Yacht

17. How many yachts comprise this full yacht?

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