15 Ways Music Is Really Good For You

The healing power of song

1. Music helps you sleep.

A study of students found that listening to music significantly improved the quality of their sleep, making them feel more rested in the morning.

2. Music makes your immune system stronger.

Music really does heal. An analysis of over 400 studies found that music can be as good or even better than prescription medication at helping you fend off infection. 

3. Music relieves stress.

Lots of research has shown that music is good for reducing anxiety. One study found that it can be as effective as anti-anxiety medication.

4. It also eases pain.

The same group of scientists found that it can reduce physical discomfort. Others have found that it helps with lower back pain

5. Listening to music boosts athletic performance.

Research has shown that listening to music during exercise increases your endurance by as much as 15%, so you can run or lift or spin longer.

6. Music is good for your heart.

Research has found that music improves cardiovascular health, reducing a person's risk of developing heart disease. It's also been found to lower blood pressure.

7. It's good for your mind too.

Numerous studies have shown that music improves cognitive performance, boosts your memory. It also slows down age-related mental decline. 

8. And your waistline.

It's been found that music can help you lose weight by making you feel full sooner, so that you eat less.

9. And for your soul.

Music helps fight depression, makes people more loving, and (if you play the right tunes) can be as pleasurable as food or sex

10. Music improves recovery after stroke.

A stroke can damage the brain in numerous ways. But listening to music for just two hours a day has been found to speed recovery and reduce emotional distress following a stroke.

11. It can help prevent seizures.

Listening to music—specifically, Mozart—has been found to reduce the number of seizures in children with epilepsy.

12. Learning music makes kids smarter.

Musical training improves verbal intelligence in kids, speeding up their cognitive development. Dig it?

13. It helps you not choke under pressure

Music can help nail it when it really counts. In one study, basketball players choked less on free-throws when listening to cheery music.

14. It makes you a better driver.

Pumping up the tunes in your car makes you a safer and less angrydriver, one study found. As long as it's not too loud, presumably.

15. And above all...music makes you happy.

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