15 Types Of Teachers You Probably Can't Stand, But Always Remember

Class is in session.

Outside of parents, teachers might be the most influential people shaping the minds of children and some of them are kinda funny. After many years of going to school, most students recognize teachers by their unique personalities. Some of them are fun, some of them are boring and some of them are a little weird, but you still love 'em.

Here are the 15 teachers you've probably had and still remember vividly:


1. The teacher you don't mess with.

2. The teacher who tries to do good, but gives the wrong information.

3. The teacher who does WTF amazing sciency things.

4. The teacher who thinks that they are fitting in.

5. The teacher with hidden talents.

6. The teacher who needs to chill.

7. The teacher who is also an amateur magician.

8. The teacher who needs more real friends.

9. The teacher who is a tough grader.

10. The teacher who tells it like it is.

11. The teacher who lays down the law.

12. The teacher who rewards you for everything.

13. The Teacher who doesn't appreciate it when you sleep in class.

14. The teacher who leaves the class and it instantly becomes party time.

15. The teacher who inspires.


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