These 15 Amazing Notes From Parents Are Giving Us Serious Lunch Goals

Such great ideas!

The school year is now in full swing, and parents are still trying to find new ways to connect with their little scholars. One great way to do this is by tucking a note into the child's lunchbox (or backpack, if they eat hot lunch). 

There are a million different directions that lunch notes can go. Jokes, doodles, trivia, or even some simple words of inspiration and a reminder that the child is loved can go a long way in getting through the school day.

Here are 15 stellar lunch note ideas from Instagram that we wish we were clever enough to think of first:


1. A brown paper sack has never looked this good before.

2. This mom totally gets that all kids will reach an age where "Love, Mommy" notes aren't seen as cool.

3. Awesome alternative to "see ya later, alligator!"

4. Minecraft characters are sure to be a hit! BONUS: They're really easy to draw!

5. Send a note and save a tree at the same time!

6. Great way to reinforce sight words! (Would also be good to introduce a second language)

7. Fact-filled notes help make kids more aware of the world around them.

8. Little ones might need a bit of encouragement to get through the meal.

9. This is some next-level note doodling.

10. TGIF!

11. This should create enough excitement to get through the afternoon.

12. Jokes and inspiration all at once? Love!

13. For the family who loves to keep it real.

14. Kid too young for Reddit? Introduce them to memes this way.

15. But let's face it: it does get hard to keep up with being super creative each day.

[Header image credit: Instagram users e_is_for_fabulous and chill74]

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