15 Face Tattoos That Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Some people go HAM.

Of all the places to get a tattoo, your face is one of the riskiest.

But famous artists like Lil Wayne have popularized and brought style to the once taboo decision, and across the world people have taken face tats to a new level. Below, we have found 15 of the craziest face tattoos online. 


15. The checkerboard

14. "FUN"

13. Using eyelids wisely

12. The ice cream tat

11. Come to the dark side

10. Glasses that never come off

9. A gangstache

8. Eyes in the back of your head

7. Real American pride

6. Whatever you call this

5. Nothing wrong with a little color...

4. Skeleton tattoos are particularly eerie

3. Just look at this guy

2. A vampire look

1. This work of art

Check out the full roundup in the video below.


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