15 Cosplayers Who Take It To The Next Level

It's like they stepped out of the silver screen.

Cosplay is a way for grown ups (well, anyone, really) to get away with playing "dress up" while escaping, for a short time at least, into fictional worlds. Whether you've always wanted to be a superhero or a Disney Princess, chances are there are plenty of other people who feel the same way... And who play those roles in their spare time.

Here are 15 people who have gone all out with their costumes. The time, effort, and energy they've put into their hobby is truly inspiring.


1. Why so serious?

Now that's an impressive Joker cosplay!

2. This Guardian of the Galaxy is AMAZING.

My first GIF
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3. She doesn't look Frozen.

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5. Incredible.

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6. Mother of dragons.

Daenerys Cosplay (Game of Thrones)

7. You'll know him by his trail of dead characters.

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8. This is... insane.

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The costume has working flamethrowers. Check out the album here.

9. This actually works, we think.

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10. Get back to the office!

FACT: this was the best cosplay I saw at Phoenix comicon.

11. Any Walking Dead fans?

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12. This guy built this costume by hand.

It's that time again...
Check out his full gallery: it was for charity.

13. She wasn't chosen for #13 for no reason.

Wednesday Addams Cosplay

14. Brave.

Brave Cosplay for Redhead Monday

15. Nailed it.

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