14 Hilarious And Perfectly Timed Advertising Fails

Not the intended result.

Advertising is a tough gig. Companies shell out a ton of money to get their products in front of consumers in creative ways, often seeing only a negligible impact on sales. As the old saying goes though, you gotta spend money to make money. Sometimes that negative money turns into positive money and sometimes it turns into a well-timed joke.


Check out some of the finest in unfortunate advertising fails:

1. Sup, kitty.

2. Awkward accident.

3. Immigration reform?

4. Dark.

5. If only he wore a hat.

6. Oh do you?

7. Maybe clean up the glass first.

8. I'll just get in on your side.

9. Prayer hands.

10. JACK.

11. Buses do get dirty, you know.

12. Interesting choice.

13. Listen up, kids.

14. Yep.

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