13 Awesome Ninja-Like People Who Fly Through Mundane Tasks


Ninjas aren't quite at the level of cats on the Internet, but they've enjoyed their own strong cult following nonetheless. So when ninja-like skills pop up in everyday jobs and activities, people take notice. The following is a sampling from all over the world of people who excel at their craft, making difficult and/or mindless activities look completely effortless.

Check these real-life ninjas out and go home to practice something nonstop for 96 hours:


1. Dishwasher Ninja

dishwasher ninja

2. Watermelon Ninja

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3. Pizza Box Ninja

4. Pizza Slice Ninja

5. Iced Tea Ninja

ice tea ninja

6. Ironing Ninja

Ironman ninja

7. Flatbread Ninja

bread ninja

8. Falafel Ninja

falafel ninja

9. Stamp Ninja

10. Calculator Ninja

11. Cigarrette-Rolling Ninja

12. Type Ninja

13. Rubik's Cube Ninja

BONUS: Cat Ninja

Got it.

BONUS NO. 2: Candle Ninja

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