13 Amazing Google Hacks That You Probably Didn't Know, But Should

Google does everything.

We all know cool tips and tricks from Google that make life great. But it turns out that Google has recently created more awesome things that eclipse all of its other spectacular features. And if you can master these new Google hacks, your life will never be the same.

Here are 13 new Google Hacks that you maybe never heard of until now:


1. Google helps you pronounce large numbers to make you look like a math genius.

Number pronounciation

2. Google Translate also works with drawing.

Google Translate

3. Endless fonts are available.

Google fonts

4. Move over Google Earth — here's Google Sky.

Google sky

5. Google offers the perfect time waster.

Atari Breakout

6. A Google alternative to a stop watch.


7. It has the ultimate book-searching hack.

Google nGrams

8. Be creative by basically building digital Legos.

Build with Chrome

9. This Gmail hack will be very useful.

gmail filter

10. Google Maps has a game.


11. Google can basically replace a wedding planner.

Wedding planning

12. Let the art museum come to you.

Art project

13. One more Google game to show off.

Zerg rush


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