These 13 Artists Show Imagination Knows No Bounds In The #StyleChallenge

From Picasso to Powerpuff Girls, these creative minds totally kill it.

Every artist has a signature style they've discovered as part of their natural talent and honed over years of practice. One Instagram trend, the #StyleChallenge, encourages artists to try their hand (literally) at a variety of recognizable drawing styles, including Van Gogh, Disney, and, of course, Pokémon.  

Coming from all backgrounds with different aesthetics, these artists all have one thing in common: the ability to not only appreciate but recreate the work of others. Besides inspiring burgeoning artists to reimagine themselves in the styles of their mentors, the challenge also allows these lesser-known artists to showcase their own signature styles to a global audience.  

From classic artistic styles like Picasso to the real classics like The Powerpuff Girls, these artists prove there's no limit to what creativity can accomplish. 


Check out some of the #StyleChallenge's finest handiwork:

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